I decided to add this interview I did this Monday to bring up the fact that institutional racism is still very relevant to this day, also within the walls of the KABK. I absolutely loved my education so far at this academy but I think having a more inclusive (non-white) set of teachers the next coming years is essential. Feel free to send me messages about how you think we can make this art institution more inclusive because the art world doesn't only exist for white people. Black art(ists) matter(s).

Thank you


This interview took place on the 1th of June at the BLM protest in Amsterdam, written by Nick Hiemstra & Jana Witteman for the site of the Dutch program show Margriet van den Linden.

"The world is dominated by white men. They rule everything you can see. I have the dream to become an artist, but as long as nothing changes in the administrative summits, I feel that it will not work out for me (side note: that is not true, I feel actually more motivated to work my way up to the top, but still, it is hard). I am totally done with it. Things have change in ways of governing, everything has to be more representative. When I search for people in the media or art who look like me, I need to search for too long. You see far too few young, coloured people up there."

Link to interview:

https://fariavancreij.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-44_Schermopname (51)_v3.png
https://fariavancreij.kabkfinearts.nl:443/files/gimgs/th-44_Schermopname (52)_v3.png